“Want it, Two”

I wrote and recorded this in bits during ’05-06, then worked at making the piecemeal recording sound better. Would’ve been better to re-record it once I knew what the song was, but such is the way of these things. Haven’t touched it in a couple of years – wanted to post it.


Within my family, I was famous for saying “you can’t have both;” this song’s about wanting things both ways.

“Good Work, Roger” (Organ)

Another song-in-the-works by Organ (like Fall)

I’ve been working with a (very solid) web developer called Roger; one of my messages to him included, exactly, “Good work, Roger” at which point I recalled this work in (now-stalled) progress. It’s more than a bit “London Calling,” but veers into cool places.

Here’s a hacked-together 2:30 ‘song:’

Good Work, Roger

These outtakes include Brian (guitar) and Igor (bass) getting fed up with my miscounting –