Narrative Post-Production

“No Parking”

The story takes place the day a man – who’s already been through too much – loses it after being dumped on one time too many.

The film features two beautiful first-time actresses and an excellent, understated performance by the first-time actor leading man. There’s a good bit of interesting cinematography and an excellent soundtrack provided by Galina Ustvolskaya. The editing is sharp and makes for an entertaining 8 minutes.

This project was shot on location in The Bronx in the Summer of 2003 and has enjoyed a tremendous run in Post-Production ever since. An early cut was submitted to a Russian arts festival (under Writer / Director’s nom d’film Slavic Miknilsky) in October ’03. We’ve picked it up again at the outset of aught-six to take another run at it.

The current cut is available here.

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