This is another wuss-rock / pop tune, but I like it well enough. I’ll have to find more accurate time lines for this stuff – “Recall” was written and recorded after “Want it, Two” – still think between ’04 and ’06.

He, working...She, waiting ...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Vivian 81

Process has been the same since my first cassette 4-track: commit some riffs to tape, sleep on it, keep at it, and the rest – over time – materializes. Problem, again, is that from there you should re-record everything once it’s whole in your mind. With a DAW, especially, it’s simpler not to. The speed of this is off – the whole thing should be a bit faster. Some day I’ll get to re-recording it (in the unfortunate event I continue digging through old stuff rather than create the new).