“Good Work, Roger” (Organ)

Another song-in-the-works by Organ (like Fall)

I’ve been working with a (very solid) web developer called Roger; one of my messages to him included, exactly, “Good work, Roger” at which point I recalled this work in (now-stalled) progress. It’s more than a bit “London Calling,” but veers into cool places.

Here’s a hacked-together 2:30 ‘song:’

Good Work, Roger

These outtakes include Brian (guitar) and Igor (bass) getting fed up with my miscounting –


The context, in general, is deaf education. My sister’s taught in Deaf Ed for ~30 years and has shared interesting stories about the state of things – different sign languages taught from class to class, teachers and administrators fighting among themselves, with parents, with students; students much of the time having emotional and cognitive issues in addition to “just” being deaf, etc. This atop everything else that happens in high school with friends, family and self. From a student’s perspective, the story is dark noise and static; from a some teachers’ perspectives, some hope.

Here’s the current cut:

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