Biopic Music Narrative Pre-Production


The context, in general, is deaf education. My sister’s taught in Deaf Ed for ~30 years and has shared interesting stories about the state of things – different sign languages taught from class to class, teachers and administrators fighting among themselves, with parents, with students; students much of the time having emotional and cognitive issues in addition to “just” being deaf, etc. This atop everything else that happens in high school with friends, family and self. From a student’s perspective, the story is dark noise and static; from a some teachers’ perspectives, some hope.

Here’s the current cut:

Thanks to photographers allowing “re-mixes” of their work under a Creative Commons license, I found images (on Flickr and, mostly) I could use to help tell the story.

Creative Commons License photo credit: openDemocracy

All but the music and my storyboard “drawings” are courtesy of the Creative Commons. So, I’m a fan – the idea for this story has been gnawing at me again, and the CC enabled me to take it at least a small step further.  And the process of putting this 3-minute bit together helps the overall process of solidifying the storyline.

(I have to include all the attributions; I’ll do so as I “finalize” the shot selections)

the idea for me
is to do enough to help solidify and further the idea
see what’s worth more time.

doing it
putting it together
beats more planning

The song is called Static and from a record called “Lift your Skinny Fists Like Antanae to Heaven.”

I want to shoot the whole thing – 22:35 – as a “trailer” to the whole film; as a next step on the way to the feature.

I’ve not yet secured rights to the music
but I hope to have a project soon
that calls for it.

(it’s worth dreaming about and working toward, anyway)