Hudackov – Genialissimus: The Demon and The Muse

Genrih Hudackov is a poet, a collagist, designer of fashion, translator of Shakespeare, and more.

Hudackov has an admirer in Leonid Drozner, who has been in pre-production with his ideas re a Hudackov documentary for some time. We’ve now begun Production of Leonid’s documentary.

Here are some First Looks at Hudackov’s art,

[qt:ultra/Hudackov/FirstLooks-Samples.mp4 320 240]

and the first reading he gave us Day One of the shoot.

[qt:ultra/Hudackov/Reading1.mp4 320 240]

“Rivertown Talent: HOMN” Show 3

Hastings Open Mic Night Show 3 Features “Stay at Home Robots” (a cool three-piece band with a solid, original sound), Jo Warren and Frances Cheng (performers with great voices, flair and presence) and Drew Lewis (a talented singer / songwriter accompanied by himself and with other musicians).