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“Rivertown Talent: HOMN” Show 3

Hastings Open Mic Night Show 3 Features “Stay at Home Robots” (a cool three-piece band with a solid, original sound), Jo Warren and Frances Cheng (performers with great voices, flair and presence) and Drew Lewis (a talented singer / songwriter accompanied by himself and with other musicians).

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With RT: HOMN Show 2 just about done, I’m looking forward to getting a start on Show 3.

I’d like to feature “Stay at Home Robots” and have some good stuff from their 03.31 set. Are they playing – and interested in being featured – next time?

And how about Jo Warren – is her band playing next time and want to be in Show 3?

Who should be a third act for Show 3?

I’d like to have another act who writes their own stuff, if possible, but please let me know what you think.

Here’s a cut of Jo W., Frances and Graham playing Jo and Frances’ original song. (Question: What’s the title?)

I’m hoping to get the “clean recordings” from Andrew T. soon so I can start working with the Good Sound in addition to what I have here from the cameras.

Also, I’ve lopped a bit off the end working to tighten it up some; please let me know what you think.

Lastly, we need to do some interviews with the band next time (05.26?); are Jo and Frances planning to play again? (Hope so)

Here’s some virtually un-edited footage from our old friends Acoustic Party and Ariel and Zoey.

I’ll work to work on these as I get time later, but they’re Old Favorites and sound pretty good as-is, so figured you’d like to see.

An updated cut of “Stay At Home Robot’s” third song from May 5, 2006 is up on YouTube. The sound is much better thanks to Andrew T’s recording.

Jo and Frances’ original song from May 5th is up on YouTube. Again, much better sound than the last cut and a few general tweaks, as well.

This is a cut of Ariel S. and Sam C. from the May 26th Open Mic Night.

The sound is from the cameras (not the board), but it sounds good. I’ll tighten some things before going to YouTube or Video.Google.

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