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“Rivertown Talent”

There’s been a buzz growing steadily around the music scene in a small Westchester, NY community. The local high school hosts what are now a regular “Open Mic” Nights and ever larger handfuls of hopefuls come out to play each time. The musicians are young, but the chops are there, and parents, teachers and townsfolk are remarkably supportive.

In what, with hope, is the first of a series, this initial show focuses on the two student Co-President / musicians and the Faculty person who brought the “Open Mic Night” series to life.


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WHOH-TV is awaiting receipt of our completed show; once they get it, they’ll put it into their rotation. is another channel we’ll get this out to once we’re done with the initial episode. That’s a good way for people anywhere to see it (it’s easy to send links directly to the video, and Google’s video will play on just about any Mac or Windows machine).

A rough cut of the first song, “Taking Drugs,” from TV Party’s first set from Friday, March 10’s HOMN is here.

Show 2’s just about done.

The order is as follows:

1) Marguerite’s mandolin song from 03.31
– M and Z’s interview
– Alex and Stan’s interview – Pt. 1
2) Trio
– Alex and Stan’s interview – Pt. 2
3) Zoey’s solo song from 03.31
4) Marguerite’s guitar song from 02.17
5) Zoey’s song with Ariel S. from 03.31

Running time is ~28 minutes.

A rough mix of TV Party’s set from March 31 is available, as well. (Audio-only from Andrew’s tracks.)

The set was great; this mix needs to be better (the sound from the cameras during their set wasn’t great, so thanks – again – to Andrew.)

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