The context, in general, is deaf education. My sister’s taught in Deaf Ed for ~30 years and has shared interesting stories about the state of things – different sign languages taught from class to class, teachers and administrators fighting among themselves, with parents, with students; students much of the time having emotional and cognitive issues in addition to “just” being deaf, etc. This atop everything else that happens in high school with friends, family and self. From a student’s perspective, the story is dark noise and static; from a some teachers’ perspectives, some hope.

Here’s the current cut:

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“Beware of Dog”

Shot in the Summer of 2004 on location in a quaint New Jersey hamlet, this features some beautiful Harleys and among the most vicious canine attack scenes ever captured.

The lead here is a first-time actor who put in great performances over several days of shooting. A more-seasoned talent in the supporting role helps pull the thing together. Good editing, a great soundtrack (Paolo Conte; The Jazz Messengers; Ozzie Osbourne), and some laughs make “Beware of Dog” 8 well-spent minutes.

Plot Outline: The Biker Rally’s back in town – again – and The Man can’t handle the noise.

The current cut is available at Google.

We’ve taken up this project again in the hopes of sewing up the last the last of the hanging threads.